Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Best Christmas Song Ever...Maybe

Usually I can pace myself and not jump into Christmas with both feet before Thanksgiving but this year I'm just so excited about Christmas. I suspect it's because I have such great feelings from last year's Christmas. Not sure we can beat that one. (Just a note-Mary's cancer has returned even though she was declared cancer free earlier this summer.)

So, as you are shopping this year, I submit this song to play in your head as it has ours. It's so catchy and cute and so very, very true!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That's great! And so true! I don't know if girl toys are stuck in there as bad as the boy toys are, but action figures and big cars make me want to scream! Give us some blocks, people! Wooden blocks, Legos, not the thing that you just KNOW has 236 metal twist-ties and screws holding it in there! If we're going shopping with the kids' birthday money, I have to take a screwdriver in my purse! It's just wrong!

Forget the shoplifters, have mercy on the mom's who actually BOUGHT the stuff, for goodness sake!

Shelby Linn Jones said...

Cute song